How to get Approval from Google Adsense in 48 Hours

This is my experience when trying to submit this blog to google adsense. It's too hard to get approved by google. But now, you can get approval easily.

Everyone like advertisements from google adsense for their websites because google adsense most popular than any advertisement internet services in the world and integration with google. Google adsense is a program which enterprises can display google advertisements on websites and earn revenue from hits that generate traffic for the google search engine’s.

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The big problem from google adsense is about get approval. Google adsense only for websites or blog with specific terms like below:

  1. English languange or other languange support by google adsense is a primary key for a website.
  2. Must have unique contents and not duplicate from others website or using autoblog feature.
  3. That’s website must running up to six months and not in “under construction”.
  4. Must top level domain and not part domain.
That’s too hard and long for beginners to get approval from google adsense and maybe fifty-fifty to success. I have the best and quickly solution for thats problem with third-party sites like and from my experience. In this tutorial only explain how to get approval 100% from google adsense with is a social networking similarly as facebook from india.
  1. Click this link to
  2. Must register with your account e-mail from and not from other e-mail services because its about strategy marketing from
  3. Complete your profile up to 50% or 97% (recommended).
  4. Upload 10 photos or more.
  5. Write 2 or more blogs originally content with english language and don’t forget set visible to everyone and add related tags.
After you fulfilled all the requirements above, click “my life” at and right sidebar write “Google Adsense” click and submit your request. You have received a mail from with title “Google AdSense Access Verification for” for complete verification and after that you should get google adsense mail with approximately 48 hours.

hope this tutorial can help you to get the Google Adsense.

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