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Quality: BDRip 480p
Release Date: 2011
Starring: -

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RANGO (2011)

Quality: DVDScr
Release Date: 4 March 2011
Starring: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Timothy Olyphant

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Chameleons are always able to adjust to the environment. In extreme conditions, chameleons can hide herself among other things and no one could see it. But did you ever think that clever chameleons adapt it also may experience an identity crisis? Try just ask Rango (Johnny Depp).
Rango is a chameleon who became a child's pet. Her life as a pet is quite comfortable. Nothing to worry about anymore, including matters of survival. Perhaps this is also what makes Rango fact that even an identity crisis and decided to go from home to find his true identity is lost.

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Subtitle English


Quality: BRRip
Release Date: 2011
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Djimon Hounsou and Jirantanin Pitakporntrakul

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An assassin is hired by a businessman to avenge the murder of his daughter by white slave traders in Thailand.

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Clingstone Mansion

This house is truly amazing. Not only because of his age who has been 103 years but also because it was founded in the middle of the sea. It is said that this house has stood since 1905, precisely on the rocks of Rhode Island in the middle of the sea. The house was often called Clingstone.

The house is quite large and quite comfortable. The house was built by JS Lovering Wharton, at a cost of 36,000 dollars, a distant cousin Henry Wood (79), which is now the owner.

Henry Wood with his ex-wife bought it in 1961 for $ 3600 U.S. dollars. Later he became the mansion renovation and is now an attractive and comfortable and has been inhabited for two decades more.
It was Wood's remarkable discovery.

Imagine the house has 23 rooms, and Wood still maintaining room architecture and its settings like 100 years ago. Every year, on certain holidays, Wood and his family invite dozens of friends to holiday in their place.

The house is indeed very large, therefore requiring a lot of people to be able to clean it. Understand it, Wood and his family did not live there every day. They only use it for vacation Manson. So when they come, the first thing to do is, work hard to make it shiny again.

But the volunteers, friends Wood, of course volunteered to help clean it up. They think it's interesting activity holidays filler. Wood and family and friends only came there when the summer. Usually they spend their week-long holiday period. While in winter, large Manson was silent and deserted. Boat them stay safe in the store on a floating dock near James Town Boatyard.

The Best Time for Our Brains

Many people believe only energy or weight loss that can fluctuate during the day. Whereas the human brain also has its own rhythm and there are times when its best. Whenever a brilliant time to perform a particular activity?

As quoted from Health.MSN, Monday (04/10/2010) there are 8 specific time in which someone can be brilliant in performing its duties, that is:

Hours 7-9 am: The best time to enhance the spirit and passion
"Time is the perfect time to increase ties with a new pair when you wake up," said Elijah Karatsoreos, PhD, a neurologist from Rockefeller University.
This is because levels of the hormone oxytocin (the hormone of love) are at the highest level after waking. This time is the time to strengthen relationships with people who are most important in life. British researchers said that the level of oxytocin in males will gradually decline over time.

9am to 11 noon: The best time for creativity
At that time the brain has the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) is sufficient, so it can help focus the mind and this is not influenced by age.
While this is an excellent time to learn and work on tasks that require analysis and concentration. Because it's time to develop new ideas, make presentations or brainstorming.

Hours 11 to 2 pm: The best time to perform a difficult task
German investigators said that when the hormone melatonin (sleep hormone) has declined sharply, so that the body is more ready to work on a project or work load is tough and hard.
But you should still do not perform several tasks simultaneously, because it will make someone kehilngan concentration. Because it's time to make presentations or perform other heavy tasks.

Hours 2-3 pm: The best time to rest
To digest the lunch, then the body will draw blood from the brain to the abdomen, this condition will make the intake of blood or oxygen to the brain that make someone a little less so sleepy. For that try to take a break from work.
If you still have to work and fight sleep, try to walk for a while, meditating or drinking water. This could increase vascular volume and circulation so that increases blood flow to the brain.

Hours 3 pm to 6 pm: The best time for collaboration
"At the present time the brain will feel very tired," said Paul Nussbaum, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist. Because it does not hurt to do a collaboration with co-workers or doing different activities. Although the brain is not as sharp as the previous time, but someone will feel more relaxed and the pressure of his body were also lower.

Hours 6 pm to 8 pm: The best time to perform personal tasks
Among these hours, researchers found that the brain has entered in phase 'maintenance', ie when melatonin production is still at low levels.
Nothing wrong to walk alone or with friends, making dinner or enjoy quality time with family members.

Hours 8-10 nights: The best time to relax
At this time there is a transition from a sleepy awake conditions, because melatonin hormone levels will rise rapidly. While the levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with the spirit) will fade.
Rubin Naiman, PhD specialist sleep problems from the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine, said about 80 percent of serotonin will be stimulated from exposure to sunlight, so if the sun sinks in the body's levels are also reduced.
"At night when the brain is tired, is the best way to make the body become relaxed like watching funny movies, knitting or doing things that can make the body relaxed, or relaxed," says Naiman.

10 pm to the top: The best time to sleep and menuda all activities
Today is the time for a break tonight and sleep, light settings can help to let the brain rest. After several hours, the brain will be ready again to start a new activity.
Try to get enough sleep as much as 7-8 hours, so that it can obtain optimal health and energy in the morning.

Jogging can make you smarter!

Japan - Jogging or running favored by many people because it is easy to do and cheap. In addition to creating a healthy body, diligently doing jogging can also make people more intelligent.
Some modern studies have been categorized as a sport suitable jogging done for all age groups, because it does not require equipment and special requirements to do so.
Not only that, the study also found that jogging is done regularly and consistently can also be a brain exercise that can improve their intellectual abilities.
"Jogging is not only beneficial for the muscles but also your brain,"explained Dr Kisou Kubota, study leader of Nihon Fukushi University in Handa, Japan, as reported by Preventdisease, Thursday (30/12/2010).
According to Dr Kubota, the results showed that people who regularly do the jogging can experience improved memory, mental ability and cognitive function significantly. This exercise can also help memerangui depression.
In this study, Dr. Kubota team studied seven healthy young people with the start jogging for 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week for at least 12 weeks.
Each participant also underwent a series of complex computer-based test, to compare the ability of memory before and after the program carried out jogging.
The result, after 12 weeks of jogging, test scores are significantly increased. This shows that jogging not only provide health benefits to the body, but also on the brain.
Reasons how this sport can strengthen mental sharpness is unclear, but previous studies show that jogging can maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen that can protect the brain.
"Someday these results can help doctors and find a way that jogging exercise may help Alzheimer's patients to improve cognitive function,"concludes Dr. Kubota.

Passive Smokers, Hypertension Vulnerable

A study showed, children affected by cigarette smoke are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

"Children are classified as passive smokers, particularly men, are more susceptible to high blood pressure compared with girls," said researchers in a study reported by the Daily Mail.
In the first study, researchers found that boys who breathe secondhand smoke at home may experience high blood pressure increased significantly. However, in girls, passive smoking seems to be associated with decreased blood pressure.
Research involving more than 6,400 children shows that, boys aged 8-17 years who are exposed to tobacco smoke have blood pressure that is significantly higher than those who do not inhale cigarette smoke.
Smoke exposure was associated with systolic blood pressure, which is associated with a spike in blood each time the heart contracts.
U.S. researcher Dr. Jill Baumgartner, of the University of Minnesota, said the finding supports some previous research that suggests that something about the female sex can offer protection from harmful vascular changes due to exposure to secondhand smoke.
While the blood pressure of children who live with smokers increased by 1.6 millimeters of mercury in boys, but decreased to 1.8 millimeters in girls.
"While the increase in blood pressure observed among boys in our study may not be clinically meaningful for an individual child, they have major implications for the population," said Dr Baumgartner.
Dr. Baumgartner added, the relationship between exposure to second hand smoke and blood pressure were observed in our study provides further incentive for the government to support the smoking ban and other laws that protect children from secondhand smoke.
In the meantime, the findings presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, U.S. states, researchers analyzed data from four health surveys conducted between 1999 and 2006 by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Packing for holiday Tips

Proper Packing Tips and Easy - mid-year holidays arrive soon. Before you go on vacation sure you're busy preparing it, for example, book a ticket transportation, planning accommodation and places to be visited. But before going there one that you definitely have to do: packing.

For some people, packing is a boring and most reluctant to do. While packing a pleasant thing, Lucky Magazine in May 2011 issue, deliver instructions and tips on how to correct and easy packing. Just 30 minutes, the following ways :

1. Avoid packing the less full as well as packing excessive, this can cause a lot of clothes wrinkle if there is space in your suitcase.

2. Use your warm clothes during the flight, so it will not take a lot of places in the suitcase. You'll need it when the aircraft cabin to grow cold.

3. Place the shoe along with items such as jewelry, socks and toiletries.

4. Roll clothes, do the folding. This will make the clothes less wrinkled and will make a lot of room for other items.

5. Use a small bag that can be used as a travel bag.

6. Use plastic bags to secure items that could cause problems and are easy to leak.

7. Separate items that light, bright and dark to avoid the dilution of color. Be careful with shoes made of velvet.

8. Choose clothing that shades of neutral and one that deserves to party.

9. Put toiletries in one mini place, so you should not need much space for this equipment.

10. At the back, wrap a small gift with a tie or socks to keep them safe and stable.

Frogs Who Has Long Vanished

A number of amphibian species status of the mysterious. They have not declared extinct, but also did not reveal its existence for decades. Some biologists carry out scientific expeditions to search for amphibian species are "lost" it, for example in the Congo. 

Having traveled for two years since 2009, scientists discovered five types of frogs which are all unique. The existence of the frogs that actually have been described since 1950, but they seemed to hide themselves from humans.
Hyperolius leucotaenius 
One type of frog found in the Hyperolius leucotaenius. This frog has a transparent skin so that internal organs and even eggs could be seen. This frog species found in Elila River, southeastern Congo. 

Hyperolius leucotaenius has a green head and body-colored transparent plastic tub. This frog also has a pattern of yellow lines and tip-toe orange. Not yet clear reason why this frog has a transparent body. 

In addition, there are three species found in highland areas Itombwe, southeastern Congo. Two of them are Chrysobatrachus cupreonitens who have a body color of green and brown and Phrynobatrachus asper which have thick fleshy foot. 

Chrysobatrachus cupreonitens 

Phrynobatrachus asper 
Asper Phrynobatrachus species discovery is unique. This species was rediscovered in 2009 when a villager in the highlands of Itombwe offer dinner made from the frog to the scientists. 

Arthroleptis pyrrhoscelis 
One species from the highlands again Itombwe is fingered frog nail or Arthroleptis pyrrhoscelis. The development of the frog is unique because not pass tadpole phase. While the latter is Hyperolius chrysogaster species, found in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, eastern Congo. 

Hyperolius chrysogaster 
Expedition rediscovery of the lost amphibians is led by El Greenbaum, biologist at the University of Texas at El Paso. The expedition was funded partially by the research committee and exploration, National Geographic Society. 

"The discovery of my team to prove that the forests were (in Congo) is still unexplored. There are a lot of biodiversity in there and not too late to redouble our efforts in conservation," said Greenbaum.

Source :

The 15 World's Largest Labyrinth

These are The 15 World's Largest Labyrinth. These places may be your best holiday places.

1. Dole Plantation

2. Reignac-sur-Indre

3. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

4. Snakes' n Ladders

5. Davis Mega Maze

6. Longleat

7. Ashcombe

8. Richardson Castle

9. Hampton Court Maze

10. The Imprint

11. Grace Cathedral

12. Victoria Park Water Maze

13. Lands End Labyrinth

14. Brick Maze of Capri

15. Labyrinth Garden Flowers


Bees Poison, Can be Used As Bomb Detector

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found no fragments of proteins in bee venom, called bombitin, can detect explosives such as TNT.
At the time of trial MIT team line the inside of the carbon tube with bombitin. Then, the tube was placed in the vicinity of the air samples taken from about a variety of explosives.

The team found changes in luminescence wavelength of the light tube changes when molecules of explosives nitroaromatik united with the proteins of bee. This change is invisible, but can be detected with a special microscope.

The MIT team is not only to detect the presence of explosives, but they also can distinguish the types of explosives by using a combination of carbon tubes with various bombitin.

Detection of explosives currently used in airports capable of analyzing particles in the air. However, the sensor has not been able to detect at the molecular level.

When paired with existing sensors at the airport, bombitin will increase the sensitivity of the sensors that make it more effective. Some commercial companies and the military have expressed interest in these findings. The technology itself is currently in the process of obtaining a patent.


Wild Animal Facts

Each species of grasshopper has its own song. This is important, as the varied species cannot breed with each other. The female needs to be aware that she is listening to a male from her own species.

Compass termites of Northern Australia build tall nests that are wedge-shaped. They measure up to 3.5 m in length.

Flying frogs change color in the day. They are greenish-blue in sunlight and green in the evening. At night there are black.

Boas, as well as many other snakes have special heat-sensitive organs that are called pits. These pits are on their heads. They can detect the heat given by a warm-blooded animal standing close to them.

The king Cobra can grow to the length of 5.5 m, and is regarded as the largest poisonous snake in the world. A tiny amount of its poison can kill up to 30 people.


Anteaters protect their long claws by walking on their knuckles. This makes them look as if they are limping.

Bats eat all types of food. There is no restriction where their diet is concerned.

The hippopotamus’s eyes, ears and nostrils are on the top of its head. This enables it to stand or sit, almost completely covered by water with as little as possible showing above the surface.

The hippopotamus’s skin is protected by its own pink oily secretion known as ‘Pink sweat’.


Alien vs Ninja (2010)

Quality: DVDRip
Release Date: July 2011 (Japan)
Starring: Mika Hijii, Ben Hiura and Shûji Kashiwabara

Uploader indofiles team


Once a while in Japan, there is a group of soldiers from clans Iga Ninja. One day, when they (Yamata, Jinnai, and a Ninja ridiculous) back from the battle to their village, they saw a giant fireball in the sky is falling toward earth. They are investigating where the fall of the ball of fire. They thought it was a secret weapon created by their enemies. Arriving at the place last fall ball of fire, they found the charred chunks of land. They returned to the village, reported this incident. The elders then decided to attack the ninja who they consider to have been attacked them. On the way, they are the ninja was surprised by something that is fast with instant kill, cut, cut them. Berucucuran blood, pieces of bodies strewn. Who are they? Ninja what hit them with remarkable speed. Yamata, Jinnai, Rind and two other Ninja beings trying to survive the attack or the ninja who attacked them. Yamata found a village boy who looks frightened. The young man said that his village was attacked terrifying creatures that make all pendudukanya killed pathetic. None left. They were amazed to see creatures that have never seen before with claws and fangs. Alien slick come prepared to attack them. Yamata and her friend had tried to attack him, but overwhelmed by the creature is very strong. Yamata and soldiers vowed to avenge the death of their comrades and their lives. And the fight begin.

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THOR: Tales of Asgard (2011)

Quality: DVDRip
Release Date: 17 May 2011
Starring: Jay Brazeau, Chris Britton and Clancy Brown
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Cartoon Cinema

Credit to ganool

The young Norse god Thor embarks on a quest with his brother Loki to find and recover a legendary sword. 

Single Link [mkv-250MB]|af
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Make Your Own Graffiti

So, you want to write your name in graffiti style, eh? After all, nobody wants a bland-looking font, especially when it comes to your title. The style your name is spelled out in should maybe say a little bit of something about you, don’t you think?

You don’t have to be an artist to achieve that graffiti-type style lettering. You don’t need Photoshop or other expensive software either. Thanks to The Graffiti Creator, it’s all possible to do for absolutely free online. Best of all, it’s simple, fast, and fun!

The Graffiti Creator is an easy-to-use Flash application that allows you to make your very own graffiti-styled logotypes, so it can be your name or basically any text you want. It’s more than just a boring font generator, though. Everything is highly customizable and straightforward.

First off, choose from one of the seven creators available: Jedimind, Throwup, Wavy, MindGem, OldSchool, Flava and Bubbles. The creators’ interfaces can vary slightly, but they’re all more or less the same. What does change is the style of the graffiti, along with some of the customizable features that you can play around with.

Once you’ve picked your favorite style, type in your name into the text entry box. Hit the Generate or Create button and your text will appear in the space above the tools panel.

Now, you can customize the text to your liking. You may want to start out with scaling the letters by adjusting the Width, Height, and Rotation slider bars. Keep in mind that you can drag and drop all characters wherever you please and you can choose to control particular letters and not others.

Alright, now let’s try liven things up a bit with some color. Make sure that you have all the characters you want colored activated and hit the color of your choice. Feel free to use the RGB controls on the left-hand side to find a specific color.

You may notice that the first color you choose only affects the top coat of the text. To bring color to the rest of the characters, go to the right-hand side of the tools panel for the advanced options.

From there, you can add color to the sides, outlines, and even add cool effects. Remember that the effects will vary depending on which creator you chose, so keep an eye out for different ones.

Once you are happy with your masterpiece, you can print it out. Unfortunately, there’s no working option to save your name, but you can always take a screenshot and do it that way.


FBI Secret Weapon