11 things that can make a baby smile

Some babies are already basically very friendly and happy smile. However, some others need a little "temptation" to make him smile. Here are the things that can make your baby smile at you.

1. Hide and seek
This is the most preferred action baby. Use a favorite blanket to hide your face, then Startle he appears suddenly, or just use your hands. Mild surprise will make her smile if not out loud.

2. Blow stomach
Babies are very like the touch. Blowing wind with your mouth stick will cause the sounds and feeling of tingling in his skin. Do this to the abdomen, hands, or soles of his feet. Soon, he will try to follow you to do the sounds with his own mouth.

3. Pretend to eat fingers and toes
Babies love when parents pretend to suck his fingers, even children aged 2 years also like to be treated like this.

4. Make bubbles
Babies are very interested in interesting shapes floating bubbles. If you see a class of little babies are blown balloon, you'll see the babies will try to reach these bubbles and hold it. Make sure the inflatable bubble material that is safe for your baby. Usually blow bubbles can be played with the children who are old enough.

5. Joint family
Babies will feel more comfortable when he could see other family members. Whether it's his brother, father, grandfather, or grandmother, but make sure not too crowded. Sounds that are too crowded can make it feel uncomfortable or too noisy.

6. Movement kidding
Babies love attention, and play in front of your face no matter how embarrassing, he would smile and laugh. Even sneezing in front of him could make him laugh, amused. No wonder many parents play stupid and weird faces in front of her son.

7. Favorite character
Children love toys, fluffy, light-colored, and may be emitted sounds funny. No wonder Elmo doll that can remove noises sold in the market. Dolls of favorite characters will make baby smile.

8. Songs and music
Babies love music and songs. "Repetition is the key to making your child knows and likes his music," explained Dr. Natalie Geary, a pediatrician from New York. Babies love to see, do, and hear at the same time so they can release a sense of upset and may have experienced and try something she exclaimed. If you smile and look happy of a song or a game, then kept repeating, over time he would like too.

9. Pets
Besides dolls, pets was also able to make a child smile. However, for infants who are still too small, it is not advisable to bring it closer to pets. Because the baby still has no immunity that can fight a lot of germs or viruses. Enough to make him see the animals from a distance only.

10. Imitate animal sounds
Babies love to hear funny voices. Try to follow the sounds of various animals, like the sound of horses, pigs, birds, or monkeys. Let your child, your spouse also may be part of it laughing.

11. If all fails, it's time tingly
Tingly baby gently can definitely make her smile and laugh. It is also important to build ties touch and closeness. The touch is important to make the baby know that the people who really keep her focus, she will feel safe and comfortable.

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Tabatha Aikins May 27, 2011 at 1:56 AM

Just reading your post makes me smile. They seem effective, especially seeing that mothers do these little things to their babies. Their cute grins could complete anyone's day!

Fact To Know May 27, 2011 at 7:19 PM

I'm Glad you're happy after reading this... Hopefully, my articles can help everyone... Btw, Thanks for leave your comment here...

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