8 things that can make you forgetful

Often forgotten and difficult to remember something? Could be, there is a problem that makes your brain recording system is disturbed.

If you have a habit of forgetting should not be underestimated. Find out what causes you easily forget the past eight the following signs:

1. High blood sugar levels
Storage memory can be disrupted due to high blood sugar. Beware, this condition can interfere with the brain associated with memory. If you have a family history of diabetes, you should control your sugar intake. Do also test blood sugar regularly.

And do not forget to keep a healthy diet and stay active. Walking is one effective alternative to prevent diabetes.

2. Less Rest
Brains rely on sleep activities to keep the new memory. In one study, respondents who sleep six hours a night for two weeks might not feel the lack of sleep. However, after the memory tests substantially, a result they are difficult given the short-term memory.

Sharpen your memory with a priority of adequate rest. If you can not, try doing a short sleep for six minutes while the body feels tired. This method can improve performance and lead to important memory processes in the brain.

3. Snore
Snoring can not only interfere with sleep quality, but also can reduce memory. Snoring during sleep, your airway will be blocked, so the cutting oxygen a few seconds at a time and causes the brain cells 'hunger'.

According to studies, men were more frequent snoring than women. And, other risk factors, this habit could arise due to being overweight or aged over 40 years.

Well, if you or your spouse have a habit of snoring, you should consult your doctor. You may need to wear special devices to cope with snoring during sleep for the flow of oxygen can pass into the brain. That way, your memory can be increased again.

4. Metabolism decreases
If this happens, chances are you have a thyroid problem. Thyroid hormones control the body's metabolism. If the production is too much or too little can disrupt brain cells, which can slow the entry of information into the brain. Solution: do not hurt you to see her doctor to solve this problem.

5. More than 65 years of age
At this age, humans will be more difficult to absorb vitamin B12 from food. Serious B12 deficiency can cause Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Therefore, seiringnya gets older, do consult with your doctor to find out how to increase your intake of B12, for example with the supplements. Besides the elderly, vegetarians adherents also often deficient in vitamin B12. \

6. Depressed
Patients with major depression also experienced a disruption in brain cells. In fact, when the depression lasts, there is the possibility of this condition can kill brain cells, causing memory 'degenerate'.

The solution, immediately seek treatment. The reason, more and more brain cells are 'missing', memory will become increasingly difficult to increase.

7. Eating allergy medication or sleeping pills
Drugs to cope with problems such as insomnia, allergies, and impaired planning, it also can cause impaired brain function. Thus, before taking this medication should consult your doctor for your memory does not go distracted.

8. Too much consumption of drugs
If the consume five or more drugs, you are a higher risk of memory disorders. Therefore, make sure your doctor knows all medications you consume. If a pharmacy ads look tempting, do not immediately tempted. We recommend minimizing the consumption of OTC drugs or only in accordance with the prescription drug consumption.

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