Laughing "Help" Extend age Longer

Laughing! An easy thing and look trivial is not it? But who would have thought laughing and happiness can help prolong your life longer.

After reviewing dozens of studies of longevity, the scientists concluded that people who do not currently have a disease, when laughing and have a positive outlook on life will have aged much longer.

Reviews more than 160 studies found evidence that links an optimistic outlook for a healthy life, even stronger than that linking obesity with reduced longevity.

As quoted from page Telegraph, happiness does not extend the life of the people who are terminally ill, but it really can extend the life of the people who are still healthy. For a healthy, happiness seems to function as a protective someone from the disease.

Another possible mechanism is that happiness will encourage someone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, the acute unhappiness will cause stress which in turn will reduce the immune response.

Scientists from the University of Illinois found a positive mood reduce stress-related hormones and enhance immune function.

Their study published in the journal Applied Psychology Health and Welfare, found happiness lead to faster recovery from exercise.

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