The Planaria Worm

The ability of a worm Planaria to regrow severed body parts, caused by a gene. It was discovered by scientists from the University of Nottingham.

This research was inspired by scientists, to be able to make this happen in humans. Thus, it is not impossible if one day humans can regenerate damaged organs or aging.
The study, led by Dr. Aziz Aboobaker, suggesting a gene called 'SMED-prep'. These genes play a role to improve and regenerate limbs like the head and brain of the worm Planaria.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Planaria worm contains adult stem cells that constantly divide and can be changed to replace all lost body cell types. This worm also has a set of genes that work to grow body parts cut off with the right size and in the right place.
"This amazing worm opens our eyes to make more complete observations on tissue regeneration in the worm. This simple Animals can regenerate itself a miraculous way," said Aboobaker.
In this study they found that the presence of SMED-prep is very important so that amputated the head and brain can grow back in the right place.
In addition, stem cells can still be worms 'persuaded' to form the brain cells resulting from the activity of other genes that are not related. Without SMED-prep, these cells do not organize themselves to form a normal brain.

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