Raining Blobs Mystery

In 1994, a strange phenomenon is happening in Oakville, Washington, USA. Areas with a population of about 665 people are surprised by a strange phenomenon that occurred in their areas. Rain fell in heavy, but not the usual rain, but rain mysterious substance in the form gels. The strangeness does not end there, after the mysterious rain subsided, some residents began to experience flu symptoms. What is the mysterious rain cause?
These events occurred exactly on the date of August 7, 1994 in the morning. Residents did not realize that on that day will happen rain. Then, not long after, the rain was falling, but rain is not rain water but a mysterious substance in the form of gels. 
Mysterious rain that did not last long. After subsided, residents saw lumps gels were scattered where - where. Because the event was unprecedented in Oakville, so many people who tried to hold the substance in the form of gels. A local policeman said, "The substance is very soft, like holding a lump of jelly in your hands. We know that many strange phenomena in this world, but it's true - really something unusual."
By late afternoon, most people begin to experience strange symptoms on their bodies. They experienced dizziness - dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing, and even some residents who until unconscious. Dozens or perhaps hundreds of residents rushed to local hospitals, and that makes surprise is a symptom suffered by every - every resident is different. There are only experiencing flu symptoms, there is suffering from serious vertigo with complications in the eyes, there is also suffering from inner ear infections. Since many who suspect that a mysterious plague epidemic was caused by rain odd, then one resident named Sunny brought the strange substance to the hospital for examination.

After investigation by the hospital, a lab technician to announce the results of lab tests. According to him the substance of human white blood cells megansung, hmm .. similar to the red rain in Kerala, but with different cases. We are not sure whether this is the cause of the epidemic in this region, but we have sent samples to the Washington Health Department for further investigation.
Meanwhile, one other microbiological named Mike McDowell said that if he did not find any biological structure in the substance of it, but he found two types of bacteria that is harmful to humans. One of them attacked the human digestive system, but Mike also can not ensure the kind of bacteria.
Then, from which this substance come from? some people suspect that the mysterious substance derived from human waste being dumped from an airplane komersil.Tetapi, the theory because it got a rebuttal in accordance with FAA regulations, the dirt is removed from commercial aircraft is blue because it is mixed with a special material, while the substance is actually clear.
According to one resident, the rain had flushed the peculiar Oakville 6 times in 3 weeks. Many people are sick and too many animals that die after holding a strange lump it. Residents were then brought samples of these lumps and took it to another microbiological experts, namely Tim Davis.
After investigation, Davis said that he found in a eukaryotic cell clumps, although he has not fully convinced. He said that the eukaryotic cells are cells found in living organisms, especially in animals.
Because cases of this strange lump rain is still a mystery and yet unsolved, comes the speculation about the events that struck the Oakville on August 7, 1994. One of the most popular theory is the chemtrail theory. A resident said that many low-flying military aircraft in their area, sometimes even no black helicopters flying too low through the Oakville area. They suspect that the mysterious substance tersbeut derived from these planes and helicopters.
Unfortunately, their theory until now still has not been proven, although it sounded convincing. However, rain terjadu mysterious substance in Oakville region still holds a mystery until today, and the biggest question that haunts the population of Oakville is Where, how, and why the strange events that hit their area.

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