7 hardest question for scientist

According to British reports, along with technological development and social progress of society, people have a deeper knowledge of a large number of nature happenings. But to some other questions remained until now scientists are still unable to give answers and explanations. Like:
1. Do dogs have a sense of humor?
Scientists studied the intelligence of animals, they increasingly recognize such a view: animal behavior is not just react instinctively, but a subconscious reaction, the substance of their thinking makes it have the ability to feel love, anger, sadness and joy and even a sense of humor through the sensor organs.
For example, researchers have found, that elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors (many children who may not be able to do as such) orang utan (or perhaps some birds) can learn a number of beginning-level language and make a complicated equipment.

It is conceivable, if the bird can make a hook (hook) with electric wire, to be used to associate the food from the can, then is not so cruel when using them as an experiment that torture?
2. What about the origins of life?
If you want to make a biologist, you simply ask how the origin of life. Since 150 years ago, Darwin was thinking and he thinks that all life on earth comes from the "prebiotic soup". But until now, we're still thinking about the origins of life.
We do not know the variety of knowledge relating to the origin of life, such as how the first, where and when life began, and what is life from life to death took place only once or repeatedly, and so forth.
Some scientists suspect that life came from underground, or around the lips volcano. Medium other scientists suspect, that a single microbe was the ancestor of all living things on earth. Less is more in the 3 billion years ago, when Mars was warm and moist, while Earth is only a cold desert, this single microbes fly to Earth along with the crushed rock explosion of the planet Mars. According to this view, means that we are all human beings from the planet Mars. But until now, all these allegations have never been proven. So can not convince people. The origin of life, most likely represents the most enigmatic mysteries of the universe.
3. What is the inner reaction just nonsense?
Most scientists say do not believe with abnormal phenomena, because these phenomena are normal and not violate the principle can be explained through experiments. But if we can say that crystal therapy (using crystal energy for "Magnetic Field organism" human body back in a state of "balanced" and the inner reaction that is nonsense?)
"The phenomenon of abnormal" include power Gamma (δ), "spiritual", a new era babble (New Century), horoscopes, divination cards / tarot, scientists have reason assume that the abnormal phenomenon is a pseudo science. But scientists on the contrary, they are careful and rational in science, often publish their latest research findings in leading Science magazine. "
But when the crystal therapy and technique is believed horoscope only as an entertainment and not a science, then what about the inner reaction, acupuncture therapy and hypnosis techniques? This still needs to be studied scientifically. And of course, thought the reaction might also be evidenced as a bird news, who knows? no matter what the outcome, should attempt to discover the real facts.
4. What time is it?
If you want to make a physicist, ask him: "What is time?" Because, we will not know the answer.
There is a rumor that said, time is a magical weapon that prevents any objects of nature activities simultaneously. Time can define our lives, because we rely on time to measure life. But in terms of what it is time, we just like the ancients, also did not know anything. And of course, this does not mean we do not know what has been done time. Physicists like Einstain, where in the characteristics of the view that the time had. So we can give a sign at the time, and enter into the equation are not the same, so that we can examine a large number of phenomena and draw conclusions.
However, this can not yet tell us exactly what time. Is it a "river" that flows from the past to the future? if yes, then the river is it? What pushed him to move and based on what the current speed of the river flows? if time is a river, what can flow onto the river through this? and whether we can completely stop the flow of this river flowing?
Fiction novelist says it allows. What we wonder is, physicists also think like this. But before we create a time machine, we should know very well against a difficult time at the touch and easy to disappear in this glance. Until the last day, we will uncover the mysteries of this mysterious. But if so, it certainly would appear even more mystery. Perhaps the only consolation is decent, if one day we can reveal all mysteries, and if it is really solved, then everything would be bland.
5. Why obesity from increasing day by day?
At 100 years ago, in the world there is hardly a single case of obesity, for 100 years, obesity has become a crisis that no unmatched in the history of human disease. If calculated according to the current situation, we are getting overweight.
Because obesity is very clear: eating too much, lack of exercise. But the condition is not as simple as this. First rarely know, in a large number of countries "obesity" in the west, such as the United States, the heat thrown people far less heat than is spent on people 50 years ago. Compared with those in 1950 ago, we rarely walk, which replace the large number of motor vehicles. Obesity began to flourish since 1980, compared to when it is, sports are much less done.
A large number of scientists are convinced that behind the proliferation of obesity must be buried a deep mystery. Some scientists have said that obesity may be caused by a virus, or can be explained by genetic science.
6. Do people can stay young?
What can we stay young? possibly can, maybe not. Prevent aging is one thing that most do not like to talk to scientists, because this can cause a series of problems such as moral and logic, or the things that real headache.
First, in reality we do not know what aging actually is. In our view, when we are old, or the physical body itself will also go dark. But the fact is not so. First 20 years of age our lives, our physical day by day increasingly contain and strong, the function of our bodies we are becoming more and more effective, more powerful disease-fighting capabilities. However, why in the days following (older), it becomes very opposite?
According to evolutionary theory of aging, why does the function of our bodies begin to experience aging is estimated at 30-50 years old men will die from cold, hunger and death in wild tiger's mouth and so forth. But if we can not live so long, we did not need evolution, to deal with pain during old age. But this can not explain, where when we get old, what changes have changed the "clock" gene, so that makes our skin becomes dry, a white hair, bones become brittle. Only after we find out exactly what caused this change only allows to take measures against aging.
But we will face a moral issue: are we willing to live in a world that human beings will not be old forever? or in other words, are we really willing to live in a world like that if only a small number of elite society that just fortunate to be able to enjoy this ageless treatment?
7. A minute ago I do the same with me now?
"Do I still like a minute ago?" This sounds like a very strange question! But this is one of the most troublesome problem in the whole world of science and philosophy. That is a matter of recognition of identity. On the surface, the answer clearly is: "it is definitely, I'm the same person in a minute ago. But try again ponder for a moment. "
10 minutes ago, all the things that made every cell in your brain is totally different from the things that made your brain cells now. Every few years ago, your body is almost completely replaced once. Does Cutty Sark can be made back with a new timber and a variety of new components, whether it will exactly match the Cutty Sark which sailed over the sea at it 150 years ago? Against this, the answer purification theory is: "No". That way, you are no longer your childhood was. This question shows, that our consideration of the individual is always in contradiction with the real atmosphere going on. And how do we recognize the identity of one same person, whether based on DNA or other something more nebulous again?

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