Jogging can make you smarter!

Japan - Jogging or running favored by many people because it is easy to do and cheap. In addition to creating a healthy body, diligently doing jogging can also make people more intelligent.
Some modern studies have been categorized as a sport suitable jogging done for all age groups, because it does not require equipment and special requirements to do so.
Not only that, the study also found that jogging is done regularly and consistently can also be a brain exercise that can improve their intellectual abilities.
"Jogging is not only beneficial for the muscles but also your brain,"explained Dr Kisou Kubota, study leader of Nihon Fukushi University in Handa, Japan, as reported by Preventdisease, Thursday (30/12/2010).
According to Dr Kubota, the results showed that people who regularly do the jogging can experience improved memory, mental ability and cognitive function significantly. This exercise can also help memerangui depression.
In this study, Dr. Kubota team studied seven healthy young people with the start jogging for 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week for at least 12 weeks.
Each participant also underwent a series of complex computer-based test, to compare the ability of memory before and after the program carried out jogging.
The result, after 12 weeks of jogging, test scores are significantly increased. This shows that jogging not only provide health benefits to the body, but also on the brain.
Reasons how this sport can strengthen mental sharpness is unclear, but previous studies show that jogging can maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen that can protect the brain.
"Someday these results can help doctors and find a way that jogging exercise may help Alzheimer's patients to improve cognitive function,"concludes Dr. Kubota.

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