Packing for holiday Tips

Proper Packing Tips and Easy - mid-year holidays arrive soon. Before you go on vacation sure you're busy preparing it, for example, book a ticket transportation, planning accommodation and places to be visited. But before going there one that you definitely have to do: packing.

For some people, packing is a boring and most reluctant to do. While packing a pleasant thing, Lucky Magazine in May 2011 issue, deliver instructions and tips on how to correct and easy packing. Just 30 minutes, the following ways :

1. Avoid packing the less full as well as packing excessive, this can cause a lot of clothes wrinkle if there is space in your suitcase.

2. Use your warm clothes during the flight, so it will not take a lot of places in the suitcase. You'll need it when the aircraft cabin to grow cold.

3. Place the shoe along with items such as jewelry, socks and toiletries.

4. Roll clothes, do the folding. This will make the clothes less wrinkled and will make a lot of room for other items.

5. Use a small bag that can be used as a travel bag.

6. Use plastic bags to secure items that could cause problems and are easy to leak.

7. Separate items that light, bright and dark to avoid the dilution of color. Be careful with shoes made of velvet.

8. Choose clothing that shades of neutral and one that deserves to party.

9. Put toiletries in one mini place, so you should not need much space for this equipment.

10. At the back, wrap a small gift with a tie or socks to keep them safe and stable.

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