Alien vs Ninja (2010)

Quality: DVDRip
Release Date: July 2011 (Japan)
Starring: Mika Hijii, Ben Hiura and Shûji Kashiwabara

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Once a while in Japan, there is a group of soldiers from clans Iga Ninja. One day, when they (Yamata, Jinnai, and a Ninja ridiculous) back from the battle to their village, they saw a giant fireball in the sky is falling toward earth. They are investigating where the fall of the ball of fire. They thought it was a secret weapon created by their enemies. Arriving at the place last fall ball of fire, they found the charred chunks of land. They returned to the village, reported this incident. The elders then decided to attack the ninja who they consider to have been attacked them. On the way, they are the ninja was surprised by something that is fast with instant kill, cut, cut them. Berucucuran blood, pieces of bodies strewn. Who are they? Ninja what hit them with remarkable speed. Yamata, Jinnai, Rind and two other Ninja beings trying to survive the attack or the ninja who attacked them. Yamata found a village boy who looks frightened. The young man said that his village was attacked terrifying creatures that make all pendudukanya killed pathetic. None left. They were amazed to see creatures that have never seen before with claws and fangs. Alien slick come prepared to attack them. Yamata and her friend had tried to attack him, but overwhelmed by the creature is very strong. Yamata and soldiers vowed to avenge the death of their comrades and their lives. And the fight begin.

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