Bees Poison, Can be Used As Bomb Detector

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found no fragments of proteins in bee venom, called bombitin, can detect explosives such as TNT.
At the time of trial MIT team line the inside of the carbon tube with bombitin. Then, the tube was placed in the vicinity of the air samples taken from about a variety of explosives.

The team found changes in luminescence wavelength of the light tube changes when molecules of explosives nitroaromatik united with the proteins of bee. This change is invisible, but can be detected with a special microscope.

The MIT team is not only to detect the presence of explosives, but they also can distinguish the types of explosives by using a combination of carbon tubes with various bombitin.

Detection of explosives currently used in airports capable of analyzing particles in the air. However, the sensor has not been able to detect at the molecular level.

When paired with existing sensors at the airport, bombitin will increase the sensitivity of the sensors that make it more effective. Some commercial companies and the military have expressed interest in these findings. The technology itself is currently in the process of obtaining a patent.


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