5 Coldest place in the world

Living in a tropical climate makes us often really complain too hot, especially after school or after exercising. Sometimes it was so hot, we have often wished we lived in a colder place. But, having met at five this place, we must think twice to live in cold climates! 
5.Yakutsk, Russia 
Yakustk, Russia -50 degrees C
  The lowest temperature in the capital, the Yakutia region, reaching minus 50 degrees Celsius, and usually occurs in January. Although very cold, this town was inhabited by a lot of people you know. There are at least 200,000 people who live in this city. I was so cold, people often let the car stays on continuously when they stopped at a place.Because they are afraid of gasoline in this car can be frozen, anyway. In addition, in this city there is also a warning for not wearing sunglasses. Understandably, the glasses might stick in our skin and our skin tear because it was too cold. Spooky huh? 
4.North Ice Station, Greenland 

North Ice Station -66 degrees C
   Greenland is known as the coldest region in the Western hemisphere. But the lowest temperature ever recorded in Greenland Ice is on the North Station, an area the British state-owned research center, with a temperature of minus 66 degrees Celsius.

  3.Verkhoyansk, Russia
Verkhoyansk, Russia -69 degrees C
Eight-day drive by car from Yakutsk, and then we'll see Verkhoyansk, located on the Arctic Circle. There are 1,300 people living in this region, and most of the work as a hunter or use a sled to ride. Actually in this region there are a lot of gold, but too cold to open the mine. The place known as "Stalin's Death Ring" this can only be visited during winter, when the lake freezes. The lowest temperature in this town is minus 69 degrees Celsius. 

2.Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia -71 degrees C

  Still neighbor with Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk, Oymyakon the only inhabited by 900 people can reach temperatures of minus 71 degrees Celsius during the winter.Sadly, winter here is very long count, which is approximately nine months. In the language of ethnic Russian Sakha, Oymyakon means "water that is not frozen"
1.Vostok Station, Antarctica
Vostok Station, Russia -89 degrees C

Here it is the coldest place in the world. With temperatures as low as minus 89 degrees Celsius, Vostok, which in Russian means "east", is only used as a research center in Russia. Maybe because it was too cold, no one would have a house here once, right?

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