The Strange Place (or unique)

 1. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves (Austria)

Stone cave ice is very unusual, other than that contained in the other parts of the world manapun.Ada strange feeling when squeezed in here. As if we were on another planet. There are many ice caves throughout the world, but Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Austria's largest and most popular. Being in Tennengebirge Mountains, near Salzburg.

2. Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) 
Salar de Uyuni Bolivia perhaps one of the places which have stunning views of the world's largest salt dunia.Gurun, high volcanoes and hot springs are famous. It's all make this area like a strange place, as if we're not on planet earth.

3. Dry Valleys (Antarctica) 
It has a land surface studded with barren gravel, where it can be said to place on Earth most like Mars. A natural landscape is very memposona. This place is still in Victoria Land, west of McMurdo Sound.

Almost no snow here. but only a few steep batu2 only slightly covered in ice. This terrain looks not like a natural on this earth that exist in general.

In this place also has a uniqueness that is the frozen lake during bertahun2 length with a thickness of ice a few meters. where has the water under the ice that has a very high salt content which is inhabited by living things / organisms rare and mysterious.

4. Blood Pond Hot Spring (Japan) 
Blood Pond Hot Spring is one of nine "hell" (Jigoku) Beppu, Japan, the source of hot water is colored red with a very, very hot temperatures. High content of iron.

5. Socotra Island (Indian Ocean) 
The island is located in the territory of Yemen is a desert island inhabited around 40,000 people. Socotra name itself is derived from Sanskrit which means "Island of Happiness". Many trees and plants on the island is included in the category of endemic flora, which means there will never be found anywhere else in the world except the island of Socotra. There are even some varieties that had been predicted to reach age 20 million years.

Some of the reasons the island of Socotra, so do not be a tourist destination although the landscape is very interesting:
Socotra Island is a tropical island that has a desert climate. The heat can reach 40 degrees Celsius.
Because of Socotra Island is a protected island sustainability there is almost no roads built. The only road that was there, just built about 2 years ago. It was a tough agreement between the Government of Yemen and UNESCO.
In order not to many tourists who come to the island of Socotra and for naturalness of Socotra island was still awake so do not expect to find a hotel or a resort there.

Finally, perhaps the island of Socotra is not the right destination and comfortable. After all much better if the island is not too much touched by humans, that there'll reduce habitat damage. we simply admire the oddity of this island through the pictures.

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