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Remember the movie Ghostbuster? Hollywood movie in 1984 ..? Apparently this film gives an idea about the case which had not occurred to us. Ghosts (and ghosts compatriots) could be hurt and trapped with the tools of science and technology.

When most people disuturbing sense of fear and horror when talking about these delicate creatures, many of us do not realize that science and technology studies found some weaknesses of the nature and characteristics of jinns and ghosts. 

Unlike the religious experts, the investigator / scientist tries to solve the puzzle by finding the delicate creature scientific explanation by examining the elements of ghost and genie from the standpoint of science. The result of decades of this study was not suspected by most of us ..! 

Who would have thought .. vampire movie scenes imaginable burn when exposed to sunlight, and Ghostbuster movie scenes imaginable ghost fishing and shooting using electronic equipment .. .. Turns out it was unfounded.

In fact, some beliefs which are considered superstition in our society such as iron scissors lay beside corpse or hang a mirror in front of the door can actually be proven scientifically to avoid interfering ghost or genie.

Investigator who is also Dean of the Faculty of Science Color Universal, University of Sri Lanka's international medicine: Prof. Dr. Sir Norhisham Wahab, said that ghosts and spirits do not have the element, resulting in their bodies can not be seen, but their existence can be proven with science and quantum physics can be detected by wave technology.

"The ghost and genie beings are not real because it is not bound to Earth's gravity and free than the carbon bond, molecules and atoms. In contrast to the human form rather than atomic particles or elements that make up all matter.

"The ghost and genie however included in the supernatural relative and can be measured by using sound waves and echoes," said Prof Dr Sir Norhisham Wahab steeped in the study in this field for nine years.

He said, if the study is to understand how the elements of ghosts and spirits from the physical angle, the most important business of helping people avoid interference jinn and ghosts can be done making of bidders and recovery using the technology.

Dr Norhisham said, jinn and ghosts composed than wave elements, they can control space and time inside the human body is capable of giving / causing negative impacts on mental health up to the stage.

"The human body that traps the wave 'unhealthy' give the impression to someone that is a negative impression on the soul as having chronic lethargy, mental disorders, pain is pain that, and so on. When the patient's medicine consult, doctors do not even say there's disease fine, but strangely the patient feels he is suffering from an illness. This is one sign of genie disturbance. " He said.

He said, for treating disorders jinn and ghosts, the recovery rule is to take back the space and time in the human body or organs which absorbed genie or ghost. 

An infrasonic wave frequency is very low but more powerful recorded in constant and continuous, so that the disturbing wave emitted by a ghost that had seeped into a body part, if the ghost feel uncomfortable, they will come out by itself and the patient recovered.

"For me the ghost interference is not harmful if it can be treated at an early stage. Practice reading surah Yasin able to activate the chemical reactions in the blood and was found to be applying pressure to a ghost that can not survive if the increase in oxygen in the bloodstream as pure energy.

"Although in the early stages of trance, the patient's body like a battle to expel the ghost who sneaked into the room hidden body, but eventually things will return as the origin.

"It is better to take care of the possessed, brush in cold water or ice that will provide the balance through rakaman infrasonic waves that coincide with the frequency of a sincere prayer. That was enough to issue a wave of ghost and restore the space and time in the victim's body, "he said.

In the case of couples do not have children due to witchcraft, he said, space and time in the womb of the wife has mastered the genie that will eat the seeds husband or wife. It will enter the same low-frequency waves with a frequency of ova and sperm, by continual waves to expel the jinn from the womb of the wife.

"Many cases of nursing that I run to meet various foreign materials such as wood dust quaint, scorpions and gems out of the supernatural when the wave is inserted into the body of the victim even smallpox that occurs in organs also unseen when the low-frequency waves recorded mandiannya into the water," he said.

Business emit waves to treat disorders spirits sesukar also is not really like that we imagine, do not need equipment like weapons, big machines that can be caught opposite waves in a medium such as water and a distinguished element accordingly.

"We created a tool that is technology radionik distinguished record 99 based on the 1999 wave frequency vibrations in atomic energy and the patient's sukros just need to take pills that are continual to emit waves into the body," he said.

Something interesting is the theory of Dracula will burn if exposed to light is true. Ghosts have unbalanced waves, and sunlight balance the wave function of nature. If the waves are not balanced sunlight, he will perish as the waves become unbalanced and ghosts that will burn.

"Iron is able to trap a wave of bad / negative and ghosts do not like the electric field, so the concept of ghosts being shot with a power tool for diciderakan and stored in a metal box like the Ghostbuster movies are true.

"So also dg deeds put scissors near the body kerana iron iron able to capture or attract positive electric charge pd someone if someone had died.
"The mirror is able to absorb light includes electromagnetic waves have the impression that radiation could interfere with the wave of ghosts and spirits. Perkara2 like this is not kurafat but we need to understand the concept, "he said.

An ironic fact is that most people fear ghosts though pd essence, a ghost too afraid to deal with human beings because human vision has a photon of light that tends to eject or emit electrons to form positive ions.

"Ghosts are also a number of positive ions and positive ions when met with positive ions in the electric power unit, he was able menciderakan or avoid them," he said.

FACT: Ghosts and spirits
# From the point of science, in general, ghosts or spirits do not like handling liquid nitrogen, ice, salt, oxygen, light, carbon dioxide, the frequency of one Hertz and fragrances is less certain.

# From the point of science, too, liked the ghost with vinegar, fungus, a substance that quickly decay, high-fiber materials, toxic gases, the material quickly teroksida (which reacts with oxygen), a high sodium content, foul and dirty.

# Recitation have permanent wave and if the resume practicing in a continual, wave of remembrance will master space on the human body and make it 'solid' cause there was no more space to enter a foreign wave like a ghost or a genie.

here i embed the video about ghost hunting...

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