Why Spicy foods make our eye watery?

For lovers of spicy foods, foods that contain lots of hot pepper has become a daily meal. 
But for some people, eating spicy foods can cause watery eyes and nose. Why is that?

In addition to flavor food, a spicy chili to make the body healthy. Spicy taste and burning sensation caused by chili produced high concentrations of the active ingredient called capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a chemical derived from natural vegetable. This material is used by the chili for the defense system itself so as not to be eaten by predators such as animals.

Capsaicin has been widely studied for the effect of reducing pain, good for the cardiovascular benefits, weight loss and help prevent ulcers. In addition, capsaicin is also what makes the eyes and noses of people who eat watery. Why?

Reporting from WHFoods, this is because capsaicin can stimulate the secretion of mucus that help cope with stuffy noses, congested lungs, and also of course make people as if crying because her eyes were watery.

Spicy taste that can stimulate the secretion of mucus, making good chili to prevent and treat sinusitis, helping to reduce nasal congestion, flu and breathing difficulties.

Not only that, watery eyes when eating spicy foods can also be caused due to the irritation of the mucous membrane (mucous membrane) that is in the eye.

When it comes in contact with mucous membranes, such as skin or eyes, it will cause burning sensation capsaicin. And if affects the eye, will make people cry.

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