The Longest Name of Place

DO NOT be surprised if you read the title of this paper. Just so you know, that's the name of a lake in the middle of the state of Massachusetts, USA.

Weird, right?It name is Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.How to read it? Let alone you, the locals gave up each time asked to pronounce a name that consists of 45 letters (if you do not believe please count yourself).

So, the simple locals call the lake with an easy name spelled: Lake Webster.

Because it is so complicated collection of letters to be read and written so often happened mistake and spelling, not least on the board of directions to the location of the lake.

For the mistake, thus proclaimed the Associated Press, Tuesday (21 / 4), local officials agreed to soon fix it, in line with the results of a combination of historical research about the strange spelling.

As the results of research Telegram & Gazette Worcester, the letter "o" in the letter to-20 should be "u" and "h" in the letter to the 38th should be "n". Well.

Just so you know, too, about the unique name that saves a lot of myths. One myth says that the long word that has meaning: "You're fishing at your side, I was fishing at my side, and no one is fishing in the middle."

The lake is the main fishing spots are located in the border area of residence several native tribes, and is the location of meetings of the various paths that a tribal transportation facilities around the lake. Based on these reasons, these funds are also often used as a meeting place. 

The tribes of Algonkin speakers have some name for this lake that can be recorded on old maps and historical records. However, all names diguanakan most have a similar meaning. Among the ancient name used for this lake there are names like "Chabanaguncamogue" and "Chaubanagogum".

A map of the town of Dudley in 1795 to write the name of this lake as Chargoggaggoggmanchoggagogg. Lake survey conducted in 1830 to write the name of this lake as Chaubunagungamaugg (old name). The following year, in Dudley and Oxford city maps that are neighbors, the lake was written as a Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

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