The Basic Different between left and right brain

The human brain is divided into two parts. The two hemispheres of the brain responsible for cross, meaning that the right brain hemisphere is responsible for the body to the left and vice versa.

This means that when the right brain dominant person, that person tends to become left-handed or left active with body parts. The two hemispheres of the brain is identical but different functions. Each brain behave differently.

The brain is the organ of the body's most vital and important for human survival. If man is likened to a computer, the brain is the processor.

The human brain consists of more than 100 billion nerve, each associated with 10 thousand other nerve. The brain is a vital organ which is the controlling center of the central nervous system.

The human brain is divided into two and is limited by longitudinal slit. Longitudinal crack is also called the great gap longitudinal or longitudinal cracks in the cerebral is a groove that separates the two hemispheres of the human brain.

There are advantages humans have a brain that is integrated. With the two surfaces become more extensive surface, which allows for growth and cooling. With the two hemispheres, the brain becomes a function of each.

Left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere have their respective functions. As reported by the buzzle, Monday (07/06/2010), the following functions of each hemisphere of the brain:

Left hemisphere of the brain

The left brain is characterized by the characteristics associated with analytical skills, logical, sequence, objective and rational. With these characteristics, people who predominantly use the left brain tends to have a rational approach towards life.

Left-brain dominant people are more interested in numbers, words or symbols. By his way of thinking is logical and rational, individuals with left-brain dominance tend to perform better analysis capabilities. For example in engineering or accounting.

People with left-brain dominance is experienced in planning, and these people rarely make preparations at the last moment.

Right-brain hemisphere
On the other hand, the characteristics associated with right brain is intuitive, random, subjective, holistic (overall) and synthesis. With these characteristics, the dominant people tend to be more creative right brain than left brain dominant people.

The fact that people with right brain dominance are more likely to like the visual aspect, so that such people rarely respond to the problem in detail.

Individuals with right brain dominance tend to be more creative and intuitive, both in the field of creative arts, as well as in other fields. The individual has the right time to prioritize the things that are difficult, because most of the decisions made at the last moment.

If two individuals are given a few cases, one with right brain dominance and the other with left-brain dominance, people with right brain dominance will start work without going through the instruction manual. While individuals with left-brain dominance will do so through the manual, understand the concept, then handle the case.

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